SEPHORA Lagoon Body Lotion


Hello my beautiful readers…!! So today am here again to review one of my best products I have. And am sure you will love this product because it really helps you in this summers.

This body lotion was gifted by my uncle from Paris. And I was really not aware about this product before I used it. The fragrance is the highlight of this product, it smells awesome. The fragrance stays throughout the day.IMG_0611

This body lotion comes in an ocean blue plastic bottle with a pump dispenser of black color and it’s very hygienic to use. Each drop of it is very hygienic for your skin.


This sephora body lotion is dermatologically tested. Its parabeen free. Its lightly scented texture, enriched with blue algae extract, melts on the skin. Penetrates immediately, without leaving an oily film, for instant comfort. Leaves skin soft and moisturized all day long.

It’s a made in France product. It comes in 190ml and it will cost you 480rs.IMG_0612

My experience with Sephora body lotion

I have been using this lotion for more than a month and I am completely love it and satisfied with the result.

As I have told you earlier the fragrance is the highlight of this product and it smells divine! The color of this lotion is white and the texture is completely go with the lotion. The texture is quite creamy. It’s easy to apply on the skin. It spread evenly and easily gets absorbed in the skin. It doesn’t give oily film it keeps your skin soft. I have a normal skin and the moment I apply on my skin it easily get absorbed without leaving any oily film and also leave it smelling beautiful throughout the day. A tiny amount is required so this will really last long. All over it gives me a positive impact. According to me it’s quite a different product from other variants in the market.













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