Let’s talk: 2017

Happy New Year guys..!! I know as always I am little late in wishing you but believe me New Year without you people is as incomplete as you guys are family. So, today before unfolding new pages why not let’s talk about my journey of 2017. So my last year’s journey was an amalgamation of both ups and down. There were many moments to be inculcated.

2017… All you guys who follow my blog knows that I got married in sep2016 so it was a quite nice journey too in 2017 as well and I left my job during the same time following my dreams in making career towards blogging as a fashion blogger and somehow it proves the best decision for now. Well I am not going to say much on my blogging experience as I have already discussed in my previous blog if you have gone through to it. But a bit I want to mention about it is that I HAVE COMPLETED ONE YEAR AS A BLOGGER. Yayyyyyyy….!!!! And we are almost going to be a family of 5000 followers on instagram. It’s the best experience till now. Finally after lot of hitch I succeeded somehow. Here is the link of my instagram page as well as my previous blog where I have discussed about my blogging experience. And now I am going to be there on youtube as well and I hope I will get the same love and support from you people. Sharing the link:
Blog- https://wp.me/p8ekoc-3q
It was my first trip ever to Goa. It was superbly amazing guys. I am definitely going to visit there again. We were the gang of six of friends and we really enjoyed each other company. I have so many wonderful memories of the trip. It was my first experience where I had seen the beaches and I really liked the view of Baga beach, Anjuna beach and many more. Experiences of shacks were damn good and one of them was Anthony we really enjoyed there. I and my hubby specially went to club cabana and I guess Goa’s trip is totally incomplete if u guys will not visit there. All over it was a superb trip.
The second happiness to share with you guys is my 1st year incompletion towards the happy and successful marriage which was on 4th sept2017 and we decided to celebrate our anniversary in The Himalayan spa resort (MOKSH). It was one day stay. And it’s a mind blowing place for the couples specially. We really spent some good quality time with each other. I guess you should see the pictures and you will understand why I am saying it’s a worth place to spend your special days.

I have another celebration my 27th birthday celebration with all my dear ones. Like every girl me too is crazy about my birthday. So this time we did a grand party and it was an unforgettable experience. Because having fun with your closed ones can never be a bad decision. So all over I had much experience in terms of celebration.

This one is the biggest happiness of 2017 I can ever imagine off. It is exciting to have a child, a new family member and gift. I have become an aunt (bhua) for the first time of my little nephew and seriously I have no words to express my feelings. This is the best gift I have got till now. He is such a cutie piee… I am eagerly waiting to hear bhuii from him and it will be the magical day for me. Now, he is 3 months old. We call him Aarav but with love we all call him aaru… Becoming an aunt is so much fun. He changed our life for something better now. I am going to be a super cool bhuii (hahahahah). I wish I can share his pictures with you but I can’t and I promise you guys on his 1st birthday I will definitely going to share his pictures with you.
This year has given me many things to experience. I come across many artificial people. I have realized to understand the difference between fake and real people. 2017 has also taught me how to face difficulties especially in case of your closed ones. There were many obstacles coming through but somehow I successfully overcome with those. I got hurt emotionally many times. Many times I got betrayed too. I fell down but I stood up again to face them with a smile at last and here I am with a big smile and confidence too. Many people had raised and still have been raising questions who are you and what you are upto..?? My answer to them is it’s my life my choices. I Am free to make decisions for myself, I will make multiple choices I will try each and everything..!! My choices are not wrong until and unless it’s not harming anyone. So, before raising questions about my choices kindly re-check your questions.
In all and all it was a great experience in 2017 and is hopping the best of all in 2018.
Thanks for reading. And let me know in the comment box if you have anything to share with me. I will love to listen it..!
Bless you


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