Hello beautiful bloggers..!!

I will not give you a stupid excuse again for not being so active here. Yes, I was very much busy with my other social media platforms with some small projects and I hope you will understand my situation. So, let’s back to the topic.

Today is 13th may, Sunday 2018.

It’s a special day itself because it’s a MOTHER’S DAY. It is celebrated at second Sunday in the month of May annually.

My first question to myself and to you as well is that does one day can decide which day is to celebrate for our mother’s?

MY answer is NO and I am pretty sure that you guys will not agree with this but then also we celebrate this day because this one day gives us a minute to think someone needs our attention and this one day has to be the most special for her. We celebrate this one day to honor the mother and the motherhood.


Like every mother my mom is also so special to me. She is my best friend. She always supported me and my brother in every up and down situation. Like every middle class family we have also seen many difficulties in life. Our childhood is not normal like every child. My mother has actually struggled a lot for our education for our bright future. She is my best friend but she was equally strict to us. She never believe in inequality. There was same rules and regulations for me and my brother and that was the best part of her. She always set us free to choose our desires. She never pressurize us for anything. This was her values who never make us fall to wrong path. Now we both sibblings got married and very much settle to our lives. But still she never stops caring for us. She is still same because we all know mothers love for their children can never change. I miss her actually sometimes because girls are very much attached to their mother and so I. Today also she never forgets to give me right  direction whenever I need her suggestion or advice she always stand up for me.  I love her so much. She is amazing. I LOVE YOU MOM…!!


Mother’s day is the happiest and highly memorable day for every child. Mother has very special place in the heart of every child and so with me. Why not, she really deserves it. She has earned this place.  She Take care of her child about everything selflessly. She takes the best decision for you and her family. She sacrifices her sleep and sometimes herself for her child betterment. She wants everything best for her children. She plays very important role for everyone in the family because she makes the family by connecting us with each other. From our small innings to big innings she is always there. We don’t need to ask her for help because without saying only she stands up for us. Mother is the only person in the whole family who plays different roles for us sometimes she is our best friend who is always there to cheer up, a teacher or I should say a strict teacher who gives us the best and valuable knowledge for whole of our life and most important the day she becomes a mother she makes sure that no one can hurt us no one can harm us. She protects us from the cruel world of outside. Don’t you agree with this??


There is one job in this world where there is no salary, no time limits, no bonus, no benefits etc. That one job is MOTHER.

Mother’s give up a lot for their jobs: their sleep, their comfort zone, years of peace. In short they have given up their whole life for their family. There is an endless example of mother sacrifices but let’s take one small example from our daily routine only. Suppose, she is having school going children, she woke up at 6am to prepare a breakfast for her children and she will make sure other things are well prepared like a warm water for bath, iron dress, the school bag and many more after sending them to school again she continue with preparations of food for other family members make their things ready and then somewhere sitting in the corner having breakfast all alone then it’s time for lunch and other household works to manage. Now it’s time for her children to come back from school giving them food make them sleep and in those minutes she try to finish her other household work. Then she becomes their personal tutor as well. Now it’s time to prepare dinner for the complete family and after dinner when everyone is watching television or resting on their bed she is still busy in wind up the things and the process go an every same day. But what she gets in return “what you do whole day while sitting at home?” and the best answer before asking this could be replacing your position with a mother. And then you will come to know this is the hardest working responsibility which every mother plays for her family.

I guess no one can explain the love of a mother for her children in words. But we can do a bit for them by making them to think about themselves. Today, a mother deserves everything for her life. She deserves to take decision for herself. She deserves to be financial independent. We should allow her to fly and she will do wonders for not only herself for her family too. Today, we have many options to get independent and so do them. They just need our support. Then you will see how confident they will feel

Let’s take a pledge today on this mother day we will not only surprise them by giving them gifts also we will give their life to fly high. Let’s make her proud by giving this small initiative to this society. Believe me she will be the happiest women on this earth.

This was just a small thought of mine which I tried to portray through my blog. I know my words can’t justify with their personalities but after reading this might be any of you realize to take this initiative and give her what she actually deserves.

It’s not only our parents duty to fulfill our dreams sometimes it should be us to understand our parents sacrifices and give them an opportunity to make their dreams into reality. ON THIS MOTHER”S DAY LET THEM FLY…!!

I hope you like it.



Geetika Sawhney





Journey of six months…!


Hello beautiful readers..!! Hope you all are doing well.


Time files so fast. I can’t believe my blog has complete six month and it’s going to be a year soon. This journey has given me so much of experience, I have learnt so much from it. With each day am getting to learn something new, getting better day by day.  I have so much to share with you all. In starting I took it as fun time. But slowly time passes I got serious for this profession. From a part time blogger I have become a full time blogger. Blogging is not that much easy as some people think. Read my words it’s not easy. So the most important thing before you start a blog is you need to take this platform very seriously. You have to give your 100% if you want to get succeed in it.


ABOUT MEimg_3437

For those who are reading my blog first time. I am Geetika Sawhney. I worked with ST.ANDREWS SCOTS SCHOOL as a French teacher for 3 years and it was a great experience for me to work as a professional teacher. I left my job in 2016 because I was getting married and it’s going to be a year on this 4th September. I started blogging after two months of my marriage as I want to do something creative and where I can be my own BOSS. And then I have chosen to be a blogger.



I have started my journey of blogging last year in the end of December month. Before starting with this journey I have done little bit of research on blogging. So when I start with it I must have knowledge to work in this profession. It’s a key rule of everything before starting anything you must research about it. I started my blogging journey on IG platform because in today’s time IG playing an important role in blogging field. I have started my page with the name of “princessgeetikaa”. And I have started getting good response on IG as a fashion blogger though I am sharing my own DNA instead of mimic any other blogger. When I started getting good response I switch my name from “princessgeetikaa” to “thegorgeousbae”, to be unique and different. Do visit my page once. Let’s get back to the topic. After having a nice number of followers, I have decided to start a blog on WordPress too. I have a free plan currently. And it’s too going good. But soon am going to take my blog to next level by upgrading my plan to premium.

This platform requires you to come up with some new ideas and creativity. But don’t be mimic of anyone just be your DNA. Nothing comes free my dear in today’s time. If you want to get successful in blogging field you need to be focused which I have learned from this.


In starting two months of blogging I was not that much focused and serious about this profession I used to take it as part time. But I am very much social media addict. I have seen people are making money from this platform. They are getting fame at the same time. And the most important thing they are their own Boss. As time passed my interest for this profession has become more serious and I have become more focused towards it.  And at that moment I have decided to be a full time BlOGGER. And I have decided to have my own fashion blog.

Am a very creative person when it comes to do something different. And I love to share my creative ideas with my friends and family. So what will be better than this to earn something by sharing something? I used to spend almost 5 hours a day in writing or in search of new ideas and concepts. I have started enjoying it after getting positive response from my followers who took time to take interest in me.  It’s because of their support and love that I am getting better day by day. It’s because of them I come up with more ideas & more concepts to keep them connected to me.


Blogging comes with some pre-plans, and I too have some to follow it. I always have a weekly schedule to do. And I work accordingly to get engage with my all social media sites. And this makes me active towards my work. My upcoming topic is to recycle old clothes on IG. My last blog 1 outfit: 2 looks is all about on wordpress and more is about to come. And if you want to get notice it’s better to interact with other bloggers as well, commenting & liking on their pictures will make you notice by them.



For becoming a successful blogger you need to be very much focused and serious if you want to be successful. Most important thing to keep in my mind is to make your followers connected with you. It’s better to make plans before posting anything on your social media sites. I always make weekly plans “What to do and How to do”. And Instagram is one of the social networking where you need to be very much active. I always make plans before posting any picture with the best tagline so my followers don’t lose their interest in me. And IG is the best platform to explore you as a blogger; you can find me there with the name of “thegorgeousbae”. And equally you required to be active on “WORDPRESS” to be in touch with your followers. You need to write a blog every week to keep connected with your readers so they don’t lose interest in you. The more you will be active on social sites the more you will be connected with your followers and can increase the number of followers.

Tell me what you do to be active on your social sites? I am curious to learn more. Leave your suggestions in comment box.




500 Followers: Thegorgeousbae 


Hello my beautiful readers…!! Today I am feeling very happy to share with you that I have completed 500 followers on instagram. And am really excited to share my journey of thegorgeousbae with you people. Journey of thegorgeousbae as a fashion blogger I have started on 24th December 2016 at that time I was quite nervous and confused that my decision is right or wrong? Will I get the good response from the people will they appreciate me for my work or not? But now as I have completed 4 months I have got a very good response from my instagram family. I have never thought before that you people will help me constantly with your love guidance and support. That today I have reached to 500 followers on instagram. Now I would like to share my beautiful journey with few pictures which made my instagram more impressive. And I will appreciate your comments and advices to make myself better as a fashion blogger on instagram.

i hope you will like the pictures. Please like and leave your advices and suggestions in the comments. Will appreciate..!!


love and kisses